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Photography, Film & Web Design Specialists

We create websites that are quite cost-effective. Just ask us for a quote and you will find out how well our products can fit your budget needs. But please bare in mind that we don't really believe that a low budget website without original content can be as successful as you may want it to be, unless of course you look at your website as a 'carte de visite' to show your clients you are not just on social media. However, a simple but stylish website can be very effective if your main goal is to show up in Google's search results and if you hook it up to larger social networks.

We do believe in what we call full content and promotion packages. This is where we sit down with you to plot a strategy that involves server tweaking, a targeted design, social media campaigns, common sense SEO and a few other basics. But most of all we want to help you create great content to successfully promote your products and/or services.

About ArtCrazed

We are a group of text, code, imaging and copyright professionals around founder and owner Eveline Franken and we specialize in what we like to call full content and promotion packages. We have an in house photo studio with two photographers who are willing to travel in order to stylishly personalize your web presence, instead of using stock photos or using Google Images as a service for public domain photography.

BTW, if you do the latter, we have a copyright specialists working for ArtCrazed who can advise you what to do if you happen to run into a 5000 dollar lawsuit or worse.

Our Studio

The photo studio is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, right at the famous Nieuwmarkt. We do corporate portraits, glamour photography and even some product photography. Lately we have been investing in 4K video and the people working with this high end technology. We strongly believe video can work miracles for your products and services. We do short commercials, but also longer promotion videos.

If you want animation, we can direct you to the right person to do so, but our animated movies are made by independent specialists who are not on contract with

Membership Sites

We have special offers for people who like to share their content through a paid membership. We have a lot of experience building Membership sites. We can quite easily hook you up to almost any payment gateway, unless you run an adult site in which case payment systems without your own merchant bank are quite limited and the rates these payment systems charge are insane, but we assume you know that from your own experience.

We do adult sites and we treat these projects as any other project. We are an Amsterdam based company and prudes we are not. Have a look at our projects portfolio and you will see that we have done quite a few in our time.

No website needed, just content

As we stated before we create websites but we also have a lot of expertise when it comes to content and copyright laws worldwide. Just specify your needs for a project and we will give you one consultancy advise for free.

We do not have an image bank - yet - to pick from but there are a lot of photographers, film producers and copywriters in our network so we should be able to help you out.

The Groups

You may wonder why there is a Groups link on our site, while at the same time there is no option to register to this network. Well, if you are seriously considering working with us, you can contact us and we will give you the required membership credentials for access to these groups run by different specialists.

You may want some advise or you may want to deliberate on the goals you have set for your project. All advise needed in the groups will be given without charge, but please keep in mind that answering questions in the groups is not our first priority, so at times you will need to exercise some patience.