Projects / Clients

Below you will find a list of different projects created by ArtCrazed

Joyce Kauffman & Friends

A new website for Joyce Kauffman & Friends with an integrated shopping cart.

AMEA // Erotic Art

Long before ArtCrazed became a company we built the first site for AMEA. In 1996 to be more precise. We have no clue how many interfaces we built after that first one. Our best guess is about 15 different interfaces, adding functionality with every new interface, like member sections, forums, payment systems etc.

Hans van der Kamp Photographs

Site design and membership system

Mimi's Clips

Site design, membership system plus video content (32 clips)


Logo and web design for Oak-IT, a company specialized in image banks and other Java based applications

The Kinky Web

Mostly promotion in print, folders, posters and of course monthly text contributions